Kane Strang Announces Two Hearts and No Brain – 6/30/17

by Woody on May 2, 2017


New Zealand native Kane Strang is set to release Two Hearts and No Brain on June 30th via the fine folks at Dead Oceans. Strang plays a good brand of lo-fi indie pop and I have to say, I like this a whole bunch more than his prior stuff. Really looking forward to the album.

Two Hearts and No Brain is pure pop genius from start to finish. It’s hard to imagine who else could convincingly fuse fuzzy synths with slide guitar; crunchy chords with chiming vocals in such a kaleidoscopic pop vision. The album’s cover art, featuring a refracted analogue photograph taken of Kane atop of a rocky precipice; echoes the spirit of lean guitar-pop shining through a truly contemporary, innovative lens. His attention to detail shows up the fat slack present in the work of many of Kane’s contemporaries; yet his sound remains emotive and playfully laced with a tongue-in-cheek nostalgia – timelessly old and new in the same breath.

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Kane Strang is here

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