Trevor Sensor announces Andy Warhol’s Dream 6/16/17

by Woody on April 28, 2017


Credit: Ben Rouse

Well, we’ve finally got a release date for Trevor Sensor’s debut LP on Jagjaguwar. June 16th and it’ll go by the name of Andy Warhol’s Dream. Been waiting a while for this one. Here’s a little something on the first single, High Beams.

“The song derives from the desire to be one of those people on the television – a desire instilled in us since childhood in America and the western world at large. A desire that consumes us, especially those few born in middle America who look for supposedly greater things beyond the horizon of cornfields and prairies, or the northern factory towns of England – those places where nobody of any pop cultural significance is suppose to come from – for there is only so much room in the camera lens, the television screen, and we must save it for the pretty, plastic people,” Sensor explains. “It revolves around things lost, things hoped for and the dreams we tell ourselves to keep us from the possibly horrifying conclusions that forever creep up on us in the back of our minds. To these conclusions and this desire, I curl back my feelers and hiss – for I am twenty-three and tired.”

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Trevor Sensor is here

Here’s another track from the album

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