Chimney announces debut LP for 6/23/17

by Woody on April 24, 2017


Chimney is the moniker of Dan Molad. Who’s Dan Molad you ask? Dan happens to be the drummer for Lucius. He also happens to be the producer for their albums, as well as many other albums. When listening or watching Lucius in concert it is easy to get wrapped up in the amazing harmonies of Jess and Holly. But then you’d be missing out on the amazing work of the three gentlemen behind them. So it’s nice to see Molad stepping out on his own. The album will be out on June 23rd via the fine folks of Dine Alone Records. Here’s some more info on the album.

Throughout Lucius’ success, Molad found himself in a period of transition: moving from New York to L.A., dealing with relationship strife and the death of longtime friend, Parks And Recreation writer Harris Wittels. As a result, there’s something that’s both painful and cathartic about Molad’s self-titled debut. Songs like “Little One” let Molad’s vulnerable yet deliberate vocals shine through while “The More You’re Holding (The More You’ve Got)” and “#31” are haunting, enigmatic earworms that speak to wanting to hold onto a relationship for dear life. The songs have a cohesive darkness to them and their meaning spills out like a stream of consciousness. It’s something that speaks to Molad’s candor and approach: “You don’t always intend for the theme that emerges — it just kind of reveals itself.”

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