Ron Gallo – Heavy Meta (album review)

by Woody on April 13, 2017


I was familiar with Gallo’s work with his band, Toy Soldiers. It was solid enough but I can’t say it ever cracked my rotation for long. So the announcement of his solo debut was met with little fanfare by myself. But sooner or later, the album crossed my path and we became fast friends.

Heavy Meta is chock full of meaty hooks and Gallo has a swagger that belies his age, as he tears through 11 tracks blending punk, garage and glam. Throughout the albums, Gallo tackles a wide variety of interesting subjects. I love the Kill The Medicine Man seems to take a swipe at America’s penchant for over-medicating themselves. The album closes with All the Punks are Domesticated closes the album and is smart take down of Gallo’s contemporaries. Why Do You Have Kids? lays out a thought we’ve all had about someone who’ve you seen on in your day to day.

Heavy Meta is an album you enjoy more with each listen as you dig deeper into the lyrics. It is easy for the lyrics to get lost in the riffs but they’re well worth the effort.

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