Andrew Combs – Canyons Of My Mind (album review)

by Woody on April 12, 2017

Photo by Andrew White

I slept on Combs’ 2015 release, All These Dreams. But right before SXSW, Canyons Of My Mind wound up in my inbox and I decided to dig in anticipation of taking in a set. It wasn’t long before Combs moved from the “Maybe I’ll catch a set list,” to the “Must-see list”

Combs, a 30 y/o Nashville resident has really come into his own on his third LP. On Canyons Of My Mind, Combs has put an album together that showcases a varied number of textures and subjects. A distressed Combs shows off his chops on Dirty Rain, a song in protest to the gentrification of Nashville and how we constantly shit on our environment in the name of “progress.”

He steps into the political fray with Bourgeois King, probably the most rocking tune on the album and a tune he just slayed at SXSW. “We’ll build a wall to block the enemy/ build a wall to keep us free” is sung repeatedly about midway through the tune before the band launches into a tasty jam.

Combs is easing into the next phase of his life. He’s married, has a house and a baby on the way. His comfort and growth is on display throughout. Make every effort to catch him live. He’s got a killer band on the road with him.

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