Palehound announces A Place I’ll Always Go – 6/16/17

by Woody on April 6, 2017


photo credit: Shervin Lainez

I became enamored with Palehound, the band fronted by Ellen Kempner, when her debut Dry Food came out in 2015. I wore that record out for a few months and have come back to it regularly since. They play a great band of 90’s influence indie and Kempner is a boss on the guitar. A Place I’ll Always Go will be out on June 16th via the fine folks at Polyvinyl. Here’s some info on the record and the lead single.

The collection is a frank look at love and loss, cushioned by indelible hooks and gently propulsive, fuzzed-out rock. As Kempner explains, “A lot of it is about loss and learning how to let yourself evolve past the pain and the weird guilt that comes along with grief.”

“Flowing Over” rides a sweetly hooky guitar line, with Kempner using her upper register as an anxious vocal counterpoint to the riff’s infectious melody. The video offers a look at the tight-knit community, showmanship and sportsmanship of the bombastic Boston League Of Women Wrestlers (BLOWW). “The first time I saw BLOWW perform, their energy was so intoxicating that I couldn’t get them out of my mind for days” says Kempner. “Watching other women/non binary people exert so much of their time and energy into their passion, I immediately felt inspired to step up my game.”

“Working on this video was a dream come true,” added Heather Mack of BLOWW. “It was so cool to have a chance to document the real life, behind-the-scenes process of stepping into our badass rasslin’ personas, from wig taping to trash talking to the main event, where we got to show off our chops in a fun, supportive environment. We are huge fans of Palehound and were so honored to be asked to represent the energy of this song in such a unique and powerful way. Cheers and chokeholds!”

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