Diet Cig – Swear I’m Good At This (album review)

by Woody on April 5, 2017


photo by: Shervin Lainez

During SXSW, I tend to be the pied piper of our little contingent. I’ll point us in directions to see certain bands and sometimes my group will follow. As we headed over to catch the pop-punk due Diet Cig during this past SXSW, I was talking to my pal, The Moish, who had never heard of Diet Cig. Moish has a couple of daughters, older than mine and I told him that I was digging their single but in reality this is more the type of music I wish our daughters would be listening to.

After watching the infectious half-hour set by human dynamo Alex Luciano (guitar/vocals) and Noah Bowman (drums), I came away of such a great appreciation of their music and message. Swear I’m Good At This is Luciano chronicling her entry into adulthood and she does it a manner that is wholly captivating.

The album opens up with Luciano singing the following verse, as if the words are being yanked from her mouth.

When I was sixteen/ I dated a boy with my own name / It was weird in the back of his truck / moaning my own name while trying to fuck / And I didn’t think you had to go to town / to tell everybody’s mom that I’m sleeping around

From there, the songs kicks it up a notch and Luciano and asks Bowman, “ready?” And at that point, you know you’re in for a ride where Luciano is going to open her heart up and let you inside. Whether she’s tackling exes, female inequality or her friend’s blowing her off on her birthday; she does it head-on with an attitude that blends the aplomb of youth with the self-doubt that most everybody feels every day.

If you don’t find yourself rooting for Luciano at every turn, you’re heartless. But if you are in that camp, go see them live. She’s a bundle of energy and smiles. Its impossible to walk out of a Diet Cig show without a big smile on your face.

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Diet Cig is here

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