Craig Brown Band – The Lucky Ones Forget (album review)

by Woody on April 4, 2017


I went out of my way to catch Craig Brown’s set at SXSW, and I was glad I did. They embody so much of what I enjoy in alt-country. The band that Craig Brown cobbled together for their set at Beerland looked like a crew he’d picked up on the way over. Each and every one of them were excellent players but the music had this rough-around-edges feel; lending itself to that outlaw twang sound from yesteryear.

The album is every bit as good. Brown mines every day travails for his inspirations and sings in a way that accentuates the natural roughness in his voice. Smoothing out his voice are the backup vocal contributions of the Drinkard Sisters. Their honeyed voices hit all the right spots and adds so much to the music. The 5th track, Anyhow is a real shining spot for the ladies as they take over lead for a verse before Brown joins in.

As for the lyrics, they remind of Jonny Fritz. Like Fritz, Brown is able to turn the mundane into songs that have you hanging on the next verse. On Planet Song, a tune that sounds as if it would fit on Beggars Banquet, Brown sings – My van still works, but she’s breaking a lot / Not doing much braking, the pads are shot. Shoulda Been Fishin’ sounds like a tune that Brown wrote at the end of a bar waiting for his set; ticking off all the other shit he could be doing instead of traveling the country in his van.

Long story short, The Lucky Ones Forget is a great album and the Craig Brown Band put on a great show. Make an effort to check em out.

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