The Secret Sisters sign to New West, ready You Don’t Own Me Anymore 6/9/17

by Woody on March 31, 2017


Photo credit: Abraham Rowe

Every year I go to SXSW, there a host of artists that I don’t see and regret. Turns out, I need to add Secret Sisters to that list, even though I’ve never heard of them til today. They remind me of another band I did wind up seeing the down there, The Haden Triplets. Sisters, Laura and Lydia Rogers, have signed to New West for their third album. After almost succumbing to the nasty music industry, they were thrown a lifeline by Brandi Carlisle, who wound up producing their new LP.

The end product finds the sisters taking their music to new places, with soulful, gospel grooves and stirring vocal performances that never seek perfection over power. It’s a document of hardship and redemption, of pushing forward when it would be so much easier to drown in grief. And it’s a story about how passion and pure artistry can be the strongest sort of salvation. “The only way we could have completely healed was to have written an entire record,” says Laura. “I think we were just in the wrong parts of the machine,” says her sister. “We feel like we have learned where not to be, and where to go.

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The Secret Sisters are here

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