Trevor Sensor release The Money Gets Bigger, readies Jagjaguwar debut

by Woody on March 30, 2017


Credit: Ben Rouse

Trevor Sensor released two excellent EPs – here and here . Since playing those to EPs to death, I’ve been jonseing for his full-length LP. Seems we’re getting close. Check out the video and see what Sensor says about the tune. I really dig this dude. Looking forward to much more.

“The Money Gets Bigger” was produced by Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio in Chicago, IL. The song features Rado on organ and backing vocals with Julien Ehrlich (drums & backing vocals) and Max Kakacek(bass) of Whitney as his rhythm section.

Sensor explains the inspiration behind this song is, “An observation of America – the horrors that occur in a society at large, and behind the closed doors of dysfunctional family homes. It’s a need for something – the yearning to be somebody people admire and adore in a world that seems void of significance. To find meaning in the limelight, and the despair we all feel when we are not the chosen ones to bask in it. In America, this is our brass ring – to be applauded for our supposed efforts and be beloved by strangers.”

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Trevor Sensor is here

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