Raj and The 100’s announce The Oldest Man Who Ever Lived – 4/14/17

by Woody on March 27, 2017


Raj Sabhlok is a San Fran based musician who’s now currently getting a Masters degree in Beatles studies in Liverpool. Let’s poise a second to appreciate how awesome that is. Once you’re done with that, check out the two psych-pop tunes below to get a nice taste of Raj’s upcoming debut. The album was born from tragedy and Raj’s overcoming it. Read below for more details.

Following the sudden passing of his parents, Raj Sabhlok, the mastermind behind Raj and the 100’s, traded in his house for a small RV and left his hometown to hit the roads of the United States. In a two year journey of exploration and daily hikes in the American wilderness; Raj wrote approximately 300 songs. Upon the completion of a period that could be described as a songwriting pilgrimage, Raj found himself at Tiny Telephone, (John Vanderslice’s all analog recording studio) having recorded 50 songs within the span of 10 days. Encouraged by the energy of that immensely productive session, Raj and his bandmates thought it would be fun to challenge themselves to record 100 songs in only 20 days. Following that was a recording frenzy in the vein of Raj’s writing process, in which Raj and the 100’s; consisting of two members of John Vanderslice’s touring band and full time engineers at Tiny Telephone, and Jason Slota from Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, recorded 250 songs, all analog and cut live to tape with minimal overdubs, within the span of a couple months.

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Caleb Delaney March 27, 2017 at 1:33 pm

These guys are great, thank you for promoting them.

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