Valley Queen release Destroyer EP

by Woody on March 13, 2017


Photo Credit: Misho Antandze

Valley Queen is a four-piece out of LA that play a very pleasing brand of California twang. Fronted by Natalie Carol, the outfit just released their debut EP and will be down at SXSW. I plan on taking in their set at The San Jose this Friday with a tummy full of Guero’s and a Summer Shandy in my hand. I suggest you do the same. Here’s a little something on the track below.

“‘Puritan’ is written from the female perspective, exploring underlying elements of desire — control and ownership,” Carol explained. “The song expresses the paradox of the cowgirl– strong, sexually liberated, free spirited, shooting from the hip (inspired by Tom Robbins’ Even Cowgirls Get The Blues) and the puritan–virginal, religious right-doer, that co-exist within my own psyche.”

Here’s a link to them doing That’s The Way by Zeppelin.

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Valley Queen is here

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