Banditos announce Visionland for 6/23/17 release

by Woody on March 10, 2017


Photo by David McClister

Banditos, the six-piece hailing from Birmingham (now Nashville) are back with their sophomore release on Bloodshot. Upon released of Their debut , I remarked that it, “embodied everything the reason HearYa started up 10 years ago.” The lead single, Fine Fine Day, sees them living up to those lofty words. Check it out and check em out at SXSW if you’re there. Here’s some info on the album from Bloodshot.

Produced by Israel Nash and Ted Young, the Birmingham/Nashville-based group’s second full-length has one foot firmly planted in reality as the other tip-toes in and out of mental complexities, self-perception and altered-state illusions. The results are revealing, exhilarating and profound.

The album-titled track reveals these defining, cohesive thematic intricacies. “Visionland” is named after the defunct $60 million theme park that was built in the late ‘90s near some of the band members’ childhood homes in Bessemer, Alabama. The park was shut down after only five years and the schizophrenic glimmer of hope it offered local residents connects to a greater overlying optimism for life present at the album’s core, an eerily relevant theme in contemporary complex times. Jeff Salter’s sweeping guitar strums swell at the song’s intro, lifting through the murky haze into the warm and sunny clarity of a duet between singer Mary Beth Richardson and singer/guitarist Corey Parsons.

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Banditos are here

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