John Andrews & The Yawns – Bad Posture (album review)

by Woody on March 8, 2017


John Andrews has a day job playing keys for Woods and he recorded this album in a secluded New Hampshire farmhouse with his buds. You could get halfway though this album and be able to figure that out on your own. It kind of falls somewhere in between hazy, trippy folk and psych pop. Whatever label you want to stick on it, Bad Posture is one hell of an album.

Nothing really moves too fast on this album. It more or less ambles along; welcoming you to join in if you want. If not, that’s cool too. When I first posted about them, I commented that it sounded like a blend of Whitney and Woods. And after spinning the album numerous times, that comment still holds water.

This album really fits the scene that it was recorded. Makes me want to sit around in a chunky cardigan while holding a nice mug of herbal tea.

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