Vaguess announces Guilt Ring 3/3/17

by Woody on February 13, 2017


Vaguess (pronounced Vegas) is fronted by their namesake Vinny Vaguess. And Vinny writes some solid punk where the songs barely last 90 seconds. Based on some of his social media, he’s no fan of Trump so that’s another check in the plus column. Anyway, his album is sophomore effort is coming out on Sinderlyn Records on 3/3/17. Here’s some more info on the upcoming album from his label.

For all those idiots who said that a President Trump would mean better punk rock in this god-forsaken world, then here’s Exhibit A: Guilt Ring, the second helping of acid tongued punk rock smashers from Vaguess (pronounced “Vegas”). Across 14 songs that rarely break the minute and half marker, Vinny Vaguess wields Roky Erickson-esque demonized guitar solos as deftly as his sharp eye for sordid details. On his follow-up to 2015’s compilation The Bodhi Collection, Vinny successfully peels back the sun dappled, “surf’s up” lies of the California tourism board to reveal scenes of domestic discord that would look just right as plot points in Repo Man.

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