The New Year announce first album in 9 years, Snow 4/28/17

by Woody on February 9, 2017


The New Year last released an album back in 2008 and at that time, it went completely unnoticed by me. It wasn’t until Matt & Bubba Kadane (half of The New Year) made an album with Will Johnson that I discovered that album and the two albums prior; and their prior band Bedhead. In a nutshell, the Kadane brothers make some damn good indie music. So, its good to have them back and as a 46 y/o, it is always nice when old guys like me release some quality music. Here’s some info on the album.

Recorded off and on in between jobs, lives and responsibilities and at a variety of locales, like Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio, the Echo Lab in Denton and at houses in Texas, New York and California, the fourth album by the New Year may have taken a long time to make, but it only takes one spin for it to sink deep into the listener’s heart and mind. It’s music made to make a real, lasting connection and as anyone who’s been following the Kadanes since the Bedhead days knows, their songs become a part of your life if you let them. Snow is another volume of music that will quietly change lives, will fill in the empty spaces and bring warmth on winter days and lonely summer nights.

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