Stef Chura – Messes (album review)

by Woody on January 26, 2017


The thing that always draws me to Chrissie Hynde is that she has this swagger about her that made me feel that she is the coolest person in the room. It was some of her demeanor but mostly it was how she sung. I’m not going to anoint 22 y/o Stef Chura as the next Chrissie Hynde but she certainly has some swagger in her voice.

While Hynde is obviously a rock music luminary, Chura is a bit of a luminary in her own right. She’s been a fixture is Michigan’s DIY scene for years and she’s been hosting karaoke nights.Messes, her debut, is a collection of tunes that were recorded a few years back. In addition to the swagger in her voice, Chura’s guitar playing really adds to effort. At it’s core, it is built on indie-chord progressions but I love how it is chameleon-like; always lending color to Chura’s lyrics and the general mood of the song.

That’s an important trait with this album as the 11 tunes are comprised of vignettes over the course of her life. Whether it be waiting tables at a strip club (Thin), an ode to a friend (Faded Heart) or a controlling relationship (On And Off For You); Chura’s vocals and guitar playing work in tandem to really evoke a feeling in the listener.

Chura may have been a luminary in the Michigan scene for some time now. Messes is her first step in becoming a leading light on the national scene. Still tough to believe that this is her debut.

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