Priests – Nothing Feels Natural (album review)

by Woody on January 20, 2017


Last year, I took on the ambitious task of reading City On Fire. A big portion of the story centers around the nascent punk scene in Lower Manhattan circa 197x; even before I started going to shows. While I can’t validate how accurate Garth Risk Hallberg’s portrayal is; in listening to Priests I kind of get transported back in time – into the pages of that book. Fronted by Katie Alice Greer, Priests are emboldened by “I don’t give a fuck” attitude that permeates throughout their music.

Five years deep into a career forged on a career booking all-aged shows and building a rep via word of mouth; Priests finally release a proper LP. The result is a slightly more melodic album that lacks none of punch and explosion that their prior EPs delivered.

The album starts off with Appropriate; a track that takes 45 seconds to introduce the guitar and the melts into a noisy mess at the end. The next track is the lead single, JJ, a great track built around a surf-guitar lick as Greer’s delivery takes on a real soulful edge to it. From there, you get fits of spoken word, tunes that haunt you and songs that break into frenzied chants. Shit is all over the board and you are on the edge of your seat throughout.

Good punk music is meant to antagonize you, get under your skin and that is something Priests achieve here. What little I’ve read about them, I’m not anticipating them going soft any time soon.

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