Chris Karabas – Warehouse Full of Dreams (single)

by Woody on January 11, 2017


Chis is a family man; a man who makes a great cup of coffee; a man who loves breakfast cereal. But most importantly he is a good friend of mine. A friend that I’ve seen perform countless times.

He’s done some time on music row; his music being influenced by his deep love of Elvis, Willie and Bruce among others. He’s had tunes turned down by Blake Shelton and others; to which my reply was always; “Then it must have been a good tune.” Needless to say, we’ve talked music on more than a few occasions as I’m constantly shoving up and coming artists his way.

Chris has released music over the years – solo or with his band Lucky Jackson Band. The tune below, is my favorite tune I’ve heard him do. If you’re a fan of good twang and old guys chasing their dreams, check out the track below. Here’s a little more on Chris via his website.

Growing up around his family’s restaurant/bar, Chris was exposed to a variety of live music but it was Country Music that resonated with him the most. His early fascination with Elvis made him want to be a performer. When he stumbled upon his first Willie Nelson record, at the age of 10, he decided he wanted to be a writer. But he never really did anything about it until he was 14 and saw Bruce Springsteen live. He started his first band the next day.

Upon graduating college he worked in a recording studio, played in bands, and sang commercials. Eventually he heard the call of Nashville and moved there to pursue his career. Within a year he was noticed by a management company who secured a record deal with River North Nashville.

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Chris is here

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ekorn January 13, 2017 at 12:24 am

Thanks for bringing Chris to my attention. My kind of music! Off to purchase this single now – looking forward to the ep.

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