The Molochs announce American Velvet Glory for 1/13/17

by Woody on November 18, 2016


I just learned that Moloch is an ancient god, who ate children and demanded sacrifice. Sounds pretty ominous to me but as the driving force behind The Molochs, Lucas Fitzsimons equates it; it sounds like getting a career going in music.

The Molochs have a distinctively old-timey feel to it. Has hints of Allah-Las and Promised Land Sound for some modern reference. Check out a couple of tracks below. The Bandcamp widget has two tracks in there. Here’s some info on the album from the PR machine.

The result is America’s Velvet Glory, recorded with engineer Jonny Bell at effortless (says Fitzsimons) sessions at Long Beach’s JazzCats studio. (Also incubator for Molochs’ new labelmates Wall of Death and Hanni El Khatib.) It starts with an anxious electric minor-key melody and ends on a last lonesome unresolved organ riff, and in between comes beauty, doubt, loss, hate and even a moments or two of peace. There are flashes of 60s garage rock—like the Sunset Strip ’66 stormer “No More Cryin’” or the “Little Black Egg”-style heartwarmer-slash-breaker “The One I Love”—but like one of Foster’s and Fitzsimons’ favorites the Jacobites, the Molochs are taking the past apart, not trying to recreate it.

You can hear where songs bend, where voices break, where guitars start to shiver and when strings are about to snap; on “You And Me,” you can almost hear Lou Reed’s ghost call for a solo, and on “I Don’t Love You,” you get that subway-sound guitar and find out what happens when Jonathan Richman’s G-I-R-L-F-R-E-N goes wrong. And of course there’s the charismatic chaos of bootleg basement-tape Dylan—always Dylan, says Fitzsimons—and the locked-room psychedelia of Syd Barrett, especially on “Charlie’s Lips,” Fitzsimons’ ode to—or antidote to—those times when he felt the bleakness completely: “Then a bird lands on a branch nearby, you hear leaves fluttering, you hear a child laughing … all of a sudden things don’t seem so bad anymore.”

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Chris January 9, 2017 at 9:06 am

Great Band. I love this song. I am really looking forward to this friday. This could be the first fantastic records of 2017.

Woody, I would love to read a review about this one soon as possible.

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