Mandolin Orange – Blindfaller (album review)

by Woody on November 17, 2016


Photo Credit – Alex Loops

Andrew Marlin & Emily Frantz, aka Mandolin Orange, continue to fill the void that was left after The Everybodyfields broke up. Like The Everybodyfields, Mandolin Orange ply their trade in Americana music. And much like Jill & Sam, Andrew & Emily’s voices play off each other so well. It is a true joy listening to them.

And just as Such Jubilee showed some real growth as artists, Blindfaller sees the band continue to move forward. Buoyed by the success of the album and countless time on the road, everything on this album sounds just a little more confident and comfortable.

They have a timely track here titled Gospel Shoes that examines how politicians perverts religion as a weapon to get what they want. I get chills every time Frantz joins in with Marlin for the chorus. So the armies march on / for the mother and the son” is how it begins with some furious mandolin mixed in. Brilliant tune.

Wildfire is a heavy tune about how the Civil War still affects our lives today. As I was typing the song title for this review, it struck me that sitting by a fire is the perfect setting to listen to Mandolin Orange; sitting outside as the wood cracks under the heat all the while; the beauty of their music permeates the air.

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