Sheer Mag to release Compilation LP

by Woody on November 15, 2016


Sheer Mag are a force of nature and a band that are doing it on their terms. Over the last couple of years they’ve released 3 EPs on their bandcamp site with no self-promotion other than word of mouth. No social media. No Spotify. I came across them via the esteemed Steven Hyden and have downloaded all 3 of their EPs. Now those EPs are being repackaged as an LP and you can pre-order it here.

For those not in the know, Sheer Mag is a quintet from Philly that plays a brand of music that is built on punk and 70s rock riffs. Fronted by Tina Halladay who’s voice is sure to become one of the dominant voices in rock.

This compilation is the appetizer for their debut LP coming in 2017. Get very excited about that.

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