Jonny Fritz – Sweet Creep (album review)

by Woody on October 17, 2016


In anticipation of Jonny Fritz’s new album, Sweet Creep, Fritz just had what could be the quote of the year in this article on Rolling Stone.

“Recording outside was Jim’s idea. He’s fucking nuts,” laughs Fritz, who doesn’t put much stock in high-end studios. “My list of how to record music is the songs are Number One. I don’t care if you have just an iPhone. If you’ve got good songs, I’d rather hear that than some goddamn Americana oil-money-funded record cut in [Nashville’s historic] Studio B.”

The Jim he references is Jim James; he of MMJ fame. Along withe Goldsmith brothers and fiddler extraordinaire, Josh Hedley, they’ve just cobbled together Jonny’s best album to date. Fritz has always walked the edge between tunes about the quirky every day events and heartbreaking tunes that touch your soul.

Sweet Creep is no different. Happy In Hindsight and Cries After Making Love are the tunes that will tug on your heartstrings, especially the latter. Fritz celebrates the road on the excellent I Love Leaving. Fritz’s excellent and unique voice and the excellent fiddle of Josh Hedley allows him to bounce all over the place without ever missing a beat. Chilidog Morning and Chihuahua Rescue are excellent looks at what good be construed as silly subjects.

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