Stef Chura announces debut, Messes, out on 1/27/17

by Woody on October 14, 2016


The sheer volume of female artists that are a) inspired by 90s college rock and b) doing it extremely well could be daunting to some forty-something suburban dads. But this Dad is determined to wade through the ever-expanding collection of rocking women.

I hadn’t heard of Stef Chura before yesterday but apparently she’s been knocking around Michigan doing DIY shows for a couple of years. I’ve only heard these two tracks but I feel confident in saying that Messes will be one of my favorite albums in 2017. Here’s some info from her PR team.

Through intricate guitar work and warm, textured production, Messes finds her trying to make sense of life’s ups and downs. “It’s about emotional mess, not physical mess,” Chura says. “The title track is about knowing that you are going to do something the wrong way, but you’re doing it anyway because you want that experience. I’ve had to do a lot of things the wrong way in order to figure out how to live my life.” Today, Chura shares “You,” the newest song on the record. She says this about “You”: It’s about a bad feeling and a good feeling at the same time. It’s kind of about romantic interest in that there is both pleasure and a sickening discomfort. The song is less about a crush or a specific romantic relationship, but more about power dynamics.

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Stef Chura is here

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