Communist Daughter announce The Cracks That Built The Wall – 10/21/16

by Woody on August 30, 2016


Back in 2012, Communist Daughter released an EP titled Lions & Lambs that I enjoyed thoroughly. The music was a dark brand of folk-rock that explored lead singer Johnny Solomon’s fight with addiction. Buoyed by vocals by his wife, Molly Solomon, it appeared to be a solid EP that was a great first effort for a Midwestern band.

Well little did I know of their 2010 effort, Soundtrack To The End, and the full story of Johnny’s struggles. I had sort of wrote them off as there was nothing new in years. But I’m happy to say, they’re back with their first full-length in six years. The Cracks That Built The Wall will see the light of day on 10/21. Here the first track, Roll A Stone, below.

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Communist Daughter is here

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