Lydia Loveless – Real (album review)

by Woody on August 17, 2016


Photo by David T. Kindler

It has been a treat to watch the progression of Lydia Loveless. Her early efforts on Bloodshot were good ol’ fashioned cow-punk. Then with 2014’s Somewhere Else, altered her sound slightly and the results were extraordinary as Loveless was picking up plaudits everywhere you looked.

All that led to some heightened expectations for Real and by all accounts, she met those expectations and then some. Loveless continues to broaden and refine her sound while continuing to wear her heart on her sleeve. Her willingness to open herself up and her ability at doing so in such a compelling manner makes her such a vital voice in today’s musical landscape.

In the middle of this album, Loveless seems to have a suite of songs – Heaven, Out On Love and Midwestern Guys that sound like something you heard on MTV in the 80s or early 90s. Heaven feels like it should have a video with Mary Stuart Masterson brooding about and subsequently kicking ass. I don’t know if I would like a whole album of this but in the middle of the album, it works great.

Especially after following the opening trio of Same To You, Longer and More Than Ever which is more consistent with her alt-country leaning past where she’s exposing some raw feelings of hurt. Later on the album, she has a stripped down acoustic track, Clumps, that is a nice way to wind down the album from the more pop oriented tracks earlier.

Real is a great album and is a high-water mark for her as an artist. That all being said, I hope as she continues to grow as an artist, she maintains a connection to her twang roots.

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