Sadler Vaden announces debut self-titled LP, 8/12/16

by Woody on August 2, 2016


If you want to get an email opened up by HearYa HQ; having a cool name like Sadler Vaden certainly doesn’t hurt. Oh yeah, playing guitar in Jason Isbell’s band isn’t a bad way to open either. Luckily for Sadler Vaden, he had both things working for him. If you’re expecting to hear something akin to Southeastern, you’re going to be disappointed. This is power-pop that feels more in line with Mikal Cronin and I want to hear lots more. Here’s some more info.

And the story he tells is both familiar and intensely personal. “Being around a writer like Isbell has influenced me to write about my own struggles and losses,” Vaden says. “And it’s also taught me how to be concise in crafting songs.” Loss—particularly the death of Vaden’s father, who passed away from alcoholism when Vaden was just 18, and his mother, who lost her battle with cancer on his 21st birthday—is a theme throughout the record. As is Vaden’s hardscrabble Southern childhood growing up in North Myrtle Beach, S.C. It’s a town painted as a Technicolor vacation dreamscape of manicured golf courses and sandy coastline, but the Vadens were familiar with its darker side, where they lived a transient lifestyle. “I write about a lot of the characters I came across,” Vaden says. “‘Greta’ and ‘Land of No Refuge’ are both set in that town, and the updated version of ‘End of the Road’ [originally recorded by Leslie] deals with grieving after the loss of my parents.” In the midst of despair, though, there are brighter moments on the record, including anthemic lead track “You Can’t Have It All,” where the audience is encouraged to live in the moment rather than lose themselves to nostalgic memories, and also lead single “Get You High,” a tasty slice of Badfinger-esque power pop.

Though some wounds may never fully heal, Vaden found that digging deep under the scar tissue to extract these songs was a step in the right direction. “It was extremely therapeutic for me,” he says. “And I think that a lot of people will relate to the things I’m writing about. Before you can move ahead, you need to make peace with your past.” And that’s exactly what Sadler Vaden does, one bright melody and raw guitar riff at a time.

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