Izzy True announce debut LP, Nope on 8/5 via Don Giovanni

by Woody on July 20, 2016


I’m not going to lie to you. I was going to post this song whether it was any good or not. Why? Because it opens with some cowbell and nice tasty riff. The rest of the song and the back story took a serious left turn from this first 5 seconds. This song and the other I’ve heard off their debut belies what you get in those first few seconds, for the better might I add. Here’s some more info on the album and the back story of lead singer, Isabel Reidy. Her voice is a real pleasure.

The record was born out of the experience of Izzy True dropping out of school and moving home to deal with mental illness as well as the desire for a cathartic and joyful way to combat those issues. The end result is a rock and roll album which makes space for misery.

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Izzy True is here

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