Martha – Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart (album review)

by Woody on July 8, 2016


Photo by Steve Landles

Martha is a four-piece hailing from the English village of Pity Me and they have just released their sophomore effort – a blend of 90s indie guitar rock and power pop-punk – on Dirtnap Records. Their debut garnered a fair amount of praise. Any time you start getting notoriety and seeing some success, it is going to challenge your value system. Its natural as you see the world from a different perspective. For Martha, Blisters The Pit Of My Heart is about staying punk in the face of success and growing up.

After spending some time with them, they very much remind me of Superchunk; especially when JC Cairns takes the lead. The second track, Cairns sounds so much like Mac; it is uncanny. And the way the band hits the chorus, outstanding. Stick this tune on any Superchunk album and it wouldn’t seem out of place at all. Precarious (Supermarket Song) is a tragic song of love just missing its mark due to bad timing.

Drummer, Nathan Stephens Griffin has this to say about : “Playing music is something that is really important to all of us, but it’s also something that takes a lot of time and energy and emotional strain. This record is for everyone who leads a secret double life, devoting every weekend, every day of annual leave, all of their disposable income, every drop of creative energy to something as ethereal as music and art. It’s about persevering and still doing the things you love, even when most normal people can’t understand why on earth you do it.” That quote basically describes my love affair with HearYa.

Martha is here

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