Pip Blom – Hours

by Woody on July 6, 2016


As I get older and busier, with less time to devote to going through the hundreds of emails that come into our inbox, I tend to lean on certain people that have a good idea of what I like. So when Pip’s PR fella emailed me and told me to listen to Pip; I obliged. Pip is a 19 y/o female from Amsterdam that does it all on her own. She’s the ultimate DIY gal but yet with a little buzz over in Europe, she’s at over 200K in spins on Spotify. So while she’s banked a good $4.23 based on those listens, I think she’s going to put off retirement and keep plugging away.

In the email over from their PR, he references Courtney Barnett, Speedy Ortiz and The Breeders as influences. The guitar riff really sounds like something Courtney would put together. All in all, this is a killer track and I’m anxious to see where this young lady is going to go.

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Pip Blom is here

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