Outer Spaces – A Shedding Snake (album review

by Woody on June 8, 2016


Photo by Micah E. Wood

In their initial press release, lead singer/songwriter Cara Beth Satacino cited R.E.M circa Murmur as the driving influence. In many of those press releases, I’ll struggle to here the influence the artist cited, whether it be my shortcomings or some over-elaboration. But on this occasion, there was some real truth in advertising as Satacino’s wistful vocals play well with the jangly guitars.

As for the tone of the album, it is about transition; like a snake shedding their skin for some dope new skin. Catalino says “Moving to a new place is a chance for a clean slate in a way, and I think that the songs on this record reflect that feeling,” she says. “It’s a record about moving on, moving past, moving forward, and moving toward.”

As Satacino strums jangly chords, she’s joined by Rob Dowler on drums and Chester Gwazda on the electric piano; all the while singing with a hint of southern charm. A couple of my favorites include the tender Mint On The Sill that is spiked with crunching guitars that pop up here and there. And Heavy Stone Poem has a riff that is almost an homage to R.E.M. and if she was a he, you could almost hear Stipe singing this song. its a real winner.

They’re bouncing around for the next month or so. Try to head out and catch ’em live.

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Outer Spaces is here

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