Freakwater – What The People Want (music video)

by Woody on May 17, 2016

Freakwater_2015_Tim Furnish_Horiz

Photo by Tim Furnish

Every once in a while a video captures the spirit of a song in such a moving and compelling manner. What The People Want is the lead track off of Freakwater’s first album in 10 years, Scheherezade. The lyrics of the track are brutally graphic, detailing the rape and murder of a woman. For the video, they enlisted Kathleen Judge and she made the tune even more heartbreaking. This is a great article on She Shreds that details the whole process.

I’ve been meaning to review Scheherezade for some time now but haven’t found the time. In lieu of that, let me tell you that it is absolutely fantastic. I’m going to Newport for the first time this year and was over the moon when they were added to the schedule.

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Freakwater is here

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