Adeline Hotel set to release It’s Alright, Just The Same on May 13th

by Woody on April 8, 2016


I received an email from Dan Knishkowy, Adeline Hotel’s songwriter, a few weeks back regarding their debut, It’s Alright, Just The Same (out May 13 via Wild Kindness). It was produced by songwriter/composer Will Stratton. I took one listen of the track below and I was hooked. Here’s what Dan had to say about it – It’s a breezy driving song, one for the windows down, dusk rolling in as the spring turns to summer. It traces the thrill of being somewhere new through the inevitable leveling out that follows. It’s beautiful but it’s lonely, invigorating, yet familiar in it’s restless; it’s alright, just the same. What might be a sobering realization is actually an energizing one. In that moment of clarity, you know you can’t outrun your shit, but you really can change it if you try.

In his email, he referenced Field Report and Wilco as some influences. This track reminds me of a Phosphorescent tune. It combines that ragged alt-country feel with some crunching indie guitars. Its a great track and has me itching to hear more.

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Adeline Hotel is here

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