Black Mountain – IV (album review)

by Woody on April 1, 2016

In twenty years when I own a spaceship and I am zipping around the universe drinking space grog and hanging with space luminaries, Black Mountain will be the house band for my ship. I know of no better way to describe Black Mountain than that fantastical image.

IV, their first album in six years delivers the goods. It is their most diverse album since their debut and also the best in their catalog. The album is book-ended by two tunes over eight minutes. The opening track, Mothers Of The Sun, is a prog-folk epic that starts slow with Amber Webber & Stephen McBean trading verses over what is essentially one repeating note. That is all before the tune gets launched into orbit via some Zeppelin-esque riffs at around 3:30. It was their lead single and one of the best tunes they’ve ever done.

The album closes out with Space To Bakersfield. This is the tune that will close out the movie about my time in space. It is aimless slow track that wants to know if we’re listening. Yeah, we’re fucking listening. In fact, I just put IV on repeat and am drinking a bold Malbec.

In between, IV is packed with loads of goodness. Florian Saucer Attack sees Webber at the lead and is some hybrid of space garage and early 60’s rock. Line Them All Up is another Webber effort, this time a mostly acoustic effort. (Over And Over) The Chain is another proggy epic which leads right into the fantastic Crucify Me.

Can’t say enough good things about this album. Their debut was unreal. I loved Into The Future, albeit a little less than and Wilderness Heart is admittedly the least listened too of all the Black Mountains. Obviously doubts creep into your expectations, especially after a six year break. Well IV smashed those reduced expectation to bits. They’re at Lincoln Hall on May 12th and I plan on being there.

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