Margo Price – Midwest Farmer’s Daughter (album review)

by Woody on March 25, 2016


“Wait, who’s this again,” seems to be a common response when you play someone her music. Unfairly labeled as the female savior for real twang, most people throw out country’s classic female artists when they hear a few tunes. But the most interesting one I heard was, “sounds like what Waylon would sound like if he was a woman.” Whatever name you feel like drumming up in comparison, one thing is for sure – Margo Price is the real deal.

The opening track on her debut, Hands of Time, is an autobiographical tune that tells her story. I’ve listened to this tune dozens of time and its a weeper, complete with strings that pull at your heartstrings. But its the bass line that gets me every time. It is comparable to Price – just pushing forward, letting nothing stop her. If you want to know about Margo, listen to this tune.

And after 10 years of bouncing around the Nashville circuit, her persistence can never be questioned. She sold her car and wedding ring to record this album at Sun Studios. And after learning that numerous labels turned her down, or asked her to alter her sound; you have to question what the hell is going on in Music City. But thankfully, Third Man Records saw fit to leave her alone. Price says, “They were the first people who didn’t want to change the album, and didn’t want to scam me for any money,”

She takes a swipe at Nashville in This Town Gets Around painting the town as filled with lecherous managers and promoters just looking to get in her pants. Other tunes, such as Since You Put Me Down and Hurtin’ On The Bottle show her hard-drinking, hard-charging persona.

I don’t know if Price is the savior that she’s being portrayed as. I do know that she’s got to be tough as nails and that her debut album is absolutely unreal. It comes out today and you should most definitely pick it up.

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