Lionlimb – Shoo [album review]

by Woody on March 7, 2016


I played a buddy of mine their lead single, Domino, and his response was, “I dig it. Sounds like a funky Elliott Smith.” That comment really stuck with me and after spending some time with Shoo, its apt for the whole album. This isn’t Parliament style, mind you. it is easy-going with tasty songs grooving with songs being buoyed by varied textures and every tune has a pulsating backbeat that pushes the whole outfit forward.

All the tunes are wonderfully layered together but never to the point that it gets sloppy and crowded. Sort of like a good seven layer dip. And like a good seven layer dip, Shoo is really enjoyable from top to bottom. Just Because is towards the end of the album. It opens with a squealing guitar lick before the organ takes over the tune.

As I mentioned when I posted Domino, Lionlimb is the project of songwriter Stewart Bronaugh and drummer Joshua Jaeger. I’ll say what every other reviewer says, if you dig Elliott Smith gives this a spin.

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