Dori Freeman – s/t [album review]

by Woody on March 3, 2016


Dori’s label, Free Dirt Records, emailed me and asked if I would like to review her album. I clicked on a video with my first thought being, “she’s cute.” My second thought followed soon thereafter, “She has the voice of an Appalachian angel,” which dovetailed nicely into my third and final thought, “Yes, I would like to hear more and review this album.”

Upon spinning her debut for first time, you are transported to a time when Americana meant someone writing sincere and genuine songs. Freeman has one of those voices from yester-year and producer, Teddy Thompson, mostly gets out of the way and lets the voice stand out. While the album is fleshed out with nice flourishes of steel and fiddle, among other instruments, they never get in the way of getting lost of her voice.

To think that she’s only 24 is mind-blowing. This is the album a country vet would be proud to make. Its the type of album that if an aforementioned vet made after a 5 year hiatus; people would be losing their minds. Tunes like Go On Lovin’, Still A Child and the brilliant a cappella, Ain’t Nobody, will have you convinced that you are hearing one of the great new voices in Americana.

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