Mount Moriah – How To Dance {album review}

by Woody on February 22, 2016


Mount Moriah tweeted out that statement when they announced How To Dance. And they backed up their statement of intent, as they have ratcheted their game up on their third album, How To Dance. Their first two efforts were excellent due to solid songwriting, Heather McEntire’s twang and the unreal tones that Jenks Miller would produce out of his guitar. Their music was a constant joy that I would find myself reaching for in a variety of settings.

But my word, How To Dance is pretty spectacular. It just seems like there is more going on. The songs are fleshed out with horns, strings and a more ambitious rhythm section. McEntire and Miller could have kept cranking out twang albums in the same manner and cobbled together a nice Americana catalog.

Yet, How To Dance is McEntire and Miller challenging themselves and answering the bell. With the bigger and more complex sound, McEntire’s vocals somehow seems to stand out more than on prior effots. Miller’s guitar playing has never been better. For someone who’s other job is a metal band, he has always showed amazing restraint with Mount Moriah. During his live shows, it barely looks like he’s trying but the yet magic would calmly ooze out of his guitar. The restraint is still here but it sounds like he enjoys having the additional texture in the tunes.

As much as like their first two efforts, these songs seem to stick with you longer. Baby Blue, Cardinal Cross and the title track really have staying power. I love seeing a band take a big step forward and this album really makes me happy.

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