White Denim annouces Stiff, out on 3/25/16

by Woody on January 7, 2016


HearYa faves, White Denim are coming out with their follow up to 2013’s Corsicana Lemonade. I’ve loved White Denim for years now for their musicianship, their creativity and their willingness to push their talent to the limits. For the first time, the Austin-based quartet utilized an outside producer, Ethan Johns, for the entirety of an album. Here’s some additional info on Stiff.

The album was recorded completely live to 16-track tape with few overdubs, and the resulting 9 adrenaline-fueled tracks signal a return to White Denim’s frenetic rock band roots. Lead cut “Holda You (I’m Psycho)” has the band sounding re-energized and revitalized, resulting in what vocalist/guitarist James Petralli calls a “high heat, high energy, good times record.” Listen here: bit.ly/1JwsTOb

While ‘Stiff’ remains distinctively White Denim, there’s a reinvigoration permeating through the album via new guitarist Jonathan Horne and a beefed-up rhythm section thanks to the work of new drummer Jeffrey Olson. Petralli explains: “We learned a lot making ‘D’ and ‘Corsicana Lemonade.’ We wanted to take some of those lessons and apply them back to our original mission statement and get back to some of the things that made us excited about the band in the first place.”

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