Car Seat Headrest – Teens Of Style [album review]

by Woody on December 10, 2015


Car Seat Headrest, aka Will Toledo, sounds like they were meant to be a Matador band. And with that, they are getting compared to Matador legends at every turn. And while many of those comparisons are apt, I am reminded of two other acts. As for the sound, they remind me more of The Eels than anybody else. As for the process, they remind of HearYa favorite The Love Language; a rough around the edges bedroom project that morphed into something special.

Teens Of Style is a compilation of tunes that Toledo has posted over the years on his Bandcamp page. For his Matador debut, they were re-recorded with a full band. So in a way you’re getting a look at a kid growing up, warts and all. Over that time, Toledo had built up quite a loyal fanbase. As someone new to his music, I am glad that he made his intro this way with the re-recorded compilation as opposed to just floating out a new tune under the flashy Matador moniker. That being said, I can’t wait for the upcoming Teens Of Denial.

What I enjoy most of all about Car Seat Headrest is that none of their tunes are linear. There is constant variance throughout; whether it be volume, tempo or just complete left turns into a completely different song structure. You never know what you’re going to get but somehow it all seems to fit in a nice little package. The tunes below will give you a nice taste of they’re all about. I really like the live video as it looks like the sound will translate live with his new band.

Toledo is a burgeoning talent that is starting to blow up. Teens Of Style has found its way on to many 2015 Best of Lists. Assuming his 2016 release is the step forward everyone is anticipating, he’ll be on plenty more.

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Car Seat Headrest is here

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