Thunderbitch – s/t debut [album review]

by Woody on October 20, 2015


Brittany Howard is a once in a generation talent. There is no denying that. To that, she has the privilege of sharing the stage with many amazing talents, including legends like Mavis. And I’m sure she has fielded numerous inquiries for studio work. That’s the way it works isn’t it. Rise up out of nowhere and all of sudden Justin Vernon and Kanye are asking to jump into the studio for a collaboration.

Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, Howard linked up with friends from Clear Plastic Masks and Fly Golden Eagle. Friends she’s had for years. Friends that are probably both a good influence and a bad influence; and more importantly friends where she can be just Brittany, as opposed to Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes.

In the 2015 winner of truth in advertising, the third tune is I Just Wanna Rock n Roll. And that’s what you get over ten tracks, a blistering testament to what makes music so much fun. Or as their website says, “Rock ‘n’ Roll. The end.” Its loud, brash and a little reckless; which is a little bit like Brittany herself.

So while Thunderbitch’s album might not have the long-standing power of the Alabama Shakes, it doesn’t make this album any less enjoyable to listen to. And it cements Howard as one of the most compelling figures in rock ‘n’ roll today.

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