Blitzen Trapper – All Across This Land [album review]

by Woody on October 5, 2015


Photo by Jason Quiqley

If you had any questions on what Blitzen Trapper’s eight album was going to be about, the second track definitively answered that question. Rock and Roll (Was Made For You) is a testament to how once rock and roll gets into your system, its in there for good. Lead singer Earley likens it to being a junkie of sorts and that’s something I can certainly relate to.

Earley had a very interesting statement on Blitzen Trapper’s catalog.“It seems to be that every other album goes this way,” Earley continues. “After Furr we did [2010’s] Destroyer of the Void, where we were exploring all these different things. Then came American Goldwing. After that, VII. Now we’re back to that rock thing again.”

And when you’re getting back to that rock thing, you can’t find a better influence than The Boss. In the middle of the album, there are two two tracks that fit the bill. The driving Nights Were Made For Love, full of images when you’re young and you think you have the world by its balls. The next track, Cadillac Man takes a darker turn; telling the story of a man who wouldn’t leave a dying mill town.

This album reminds me so much of Heartless Bastards last few efforts. The albums are built around great storytelling, crisp playing and lead guitarist that delivers the goods. Needless to say, both are excellent in concert. If you happen to be in Chicago, they’ll be at Lincoln Hall this Wednesday.

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