Nico Yaryan signs to Partisan Records, debut due in 2016

by Woody on October 1, 2015


Photo by Clayton Crocker

Nico Yaryan was the touring drummer for Hanni El Khatib, a buddy from high school. As he stated, “After a while, it wasn’t really doing much for me,” he says. “I wasn’t creating, I wasn’t contributing. It was always Hanni’s thing, which is great – it was a good job! – but it wasn’t mine.” But that gig brought him to two loves – The first was the guitar, an instrument he’d been too intimidated to learn as a teenager but now could practice, eventually beginning to record his own music until, at last, he outgrew the touring gig. The second, of course, was an unlikely romance that would change everything. A student from Amsterdam, she and Yaryan met through mutual friends as Yaryan toured through the Dutch city.

Once Yaryan decided to leave the band he alternated months clipping weed in Humboldt County and visiting his love in Amsterdam. The first track from his Partisan debut (out next year), Just Tell Me, is below. Yaryan had this to say. “I wrote this song when I was feeling strain in my long distance relationship, and I knew it had been too long between visits. I didn’t have the money to book a trip to Amsterdam where my girlfriend lived, and I was feeling selfish that I had chosen to live in LA to pursue my music. It takes a lot of work to maintain a relationship when someone lives on the other side of the planet, and I wasn’t being good about making our Skype dates on time, or being as present as I could have been. So this song is a sort of plea to her.”

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Benjimanji October 6, 2015 at 9:19 pm

Nice pick! Beautiful voice and love that simple riff. Am I hearing motown vibes?!

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