Ruby Boots pays the US a visit

by Woody on August 11, 2015


Photo by Lisa Businovski

Ruby Boots is the moniker of Bex Chilcott, another outstanding act out of Australia. Chilcott is an alt-country troubadour out of Perth. She left her home at the age of 16, spent some hard time on a fishing trawler and that is where Chilcott found her voice. Ruby Boots has been making quite the name for herself in her home country with her latest album, Solitude. Now she’s coming over to pay us a visit for a select amount of shows. I’ve only heard a couple of tracks but if you’re in one of these towns and dig Americana, or the Australian equivalent of it; I’d make it a point of checking her out.

Sep 10 – Los Angeles, CA @ El Cid
Sep 11 – San Marcos, CA @ Old California Mining Co.
Sep 19 – Nashville, TN @ Americana Music Festival – 5 Spot 1:25 – 1:50pm
Sep 20 – Nashville, TN @ Americana Music Festival – The Blue Bar Midtown – Songwriters in the round 5:30-6:40p
Sep 23 – Nashville, TN @ Music City Roots (live taping)
Sep 24 – New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall

Hopefully, this is just the beginning for Ruby Boots over here. She’s signed to the Lost Highway Records – Australia. I know we’re a far way off but I hope she makes her way back for SXSW 2016.

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Ruby Boots is here

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