Ultimate Painting – Green Lanes [album review]

by Woody on August 10, 2015


Green Lanes, the sophomore effort by the UK’s Ultimate Painting is like a gentle drive through the country on a warm Fall day – windows open, never going too fast; just soaking it in. Fronted by Jack Cooper and James Hoare, the songs are built on spidery guitar licks that creep out of your speakers before gentle noodling into your brain. By no means overpowering, the licks gives the duo a direction to head out in and they oblige in an effortless fashion.

The album is comprised of a dozen jangly indie-pop tunes that would go wonderfully with a mug of warm tea. Their harmonies don’t soar like you’d hear with Milk Carton Kids or Lucius. The other vocalist just appears, almost as if by surprise, lending to that easy going feeling. Obviously a little more goes into their songs. Hoare elaborates, “The song always comes from a melody, some vague structure and then maybe a verse and chorus worth of lyrics… but everything we do, be it a guitar part or harmony, is always filtered through the other person.” Pulling that off but leaving the impression of spontaneity is no easy feat and that is probably my favorite facet of the album.

If you enjoy stellar guitar playing in a manner that isn’t showy or requires your speakers to be shaking off the ground, Ultimate Painting is your band. Not saying that the aforementioned manner isn’t without merit but dipping over to the other side of the spectrum certainly has its benefits as well.

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