Futurebirds announce Hotel Parties 9/25

by Woody on August 3, 2015


Shortly before we did our last session with Futurebirds, they were on a short run; opening up for Band of Horses. Apparently one night after the show, Futurebirds spend some quality time with Ben Bridwell and crew, leaving BOH in a state of disrepair. That led to a “restraining order”* and “cease & desist order”** to be left on the Futurebirds tour van.

So the fact that their new album is titled Hotel Parties seems more than apt for the the Athens six-pack. guitarist Thomas Johnson has to say about the record: “The motif for the record is duality — the give and take of life, dreams vs. reality, loving vs. longing, wanting to grab life by the horns vs. needing to chill the fuck out, sleep vs. sanity — I could go on forever. With a touring band, the home vs. road theme comes to the forefront daily.”

The two HearYa sessions are here and here

* Not true. **Not true, well maybe its true.

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Futurebirds is here

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