Promised Land Sound will release For Use and Delight on 10/2/15

by Woody on July 15, 2015


A couple of SXSWs ago I set off on an epic adventure into a part of Austin I had never been to. In addition to wanting a respite from the madness surrounding 6th, it was a chance to see Promised Land Sound. I had been enjoying the shit out of their s/t debut so off I went into the great unknown. I drank some free beer, listened to an outstanding set by PSL and for good measure caught The Haden Triplets. The fact that I had to walk nearly two miles back into town was eased by the fact that I just witnessed some pretty stellar sets.

Now, PLS is back for more. Their sophomore effort, For Use and Delight, will be out on 10/2/15 via the fine folks at Paradise of Bachelors. You can listen to the first track, She Takes Me There, below. Here’s some color behind the album: When Promised Land Sound (PLS) released their debut album in 2013 on Paradise of Bachelors, some of them couldn’t yet legally drink, so their remarkable maturity and rich historical reference points were striking. Like Laura Marling or Jackson Browne-artists who wrote with impeccable emotional literacy while still teenagers – PLS too were able to grasp at an emotional gravity in their songwriting that seemed improbable at their age. So it’s no surprise that their new album, For Use And Delight, shows a tremendous amount of growth as musicians and songwriters.

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Promised Land Sound is here

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