Wartime Blues – April, 2015

by Woody on July 14, 2015


A few years back, I would hear a track from a relatively unknown band like Wartime Blues and write some rambling review in effort to turn maybe one or two people on to a great band. Lately, work and children have conspired to make such output a tough act to deliver. Its a shame as more people should be listening to the great music that this Montana act is delivering. Here is some info on their latest release.

Combining a dilapidated vision of America with the jittery atmospherics of Wilco and Yo La Tengo, Wartime Blues has hustled their brand of orchestral folk across three albums, one EP, and three national tours. Fresh off an opening run with the Decemberists, the band released their third album — April, Texas — on June 2, 2015. It’s a song cycle set in the vast expanse of the Southern Plains, and was recorded in a house along the shores of Flathead Lake in Montana.

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Wartime Blues is here

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