Doug Burr Announces New LP Pale White Dove 4/7/15

by Woody on March 29, 2015


On the rainy Friday of SXSW; some time between seeing Houndmouth and Run The Jewels, I walked a half-mile in the wrong direction to catch a set by Doug Burr based on this one track below. Sadly, I had never heard of Doug Burr prior. But it didn’t take long for him to win me over. The set I caught was full of punch and had I was telling people I met later that might that it was great set of rousing alt-country. It had an element of an outlaw American to it. For what it’s worth I was a wee bit drunk and based on this PR info, I’d be lazy calling his music Americana. Me, lazy? After walking from The San Jose to Maggie Mae’s and back to the Continental Club just to see Doug Burr? Whatever label you want to slap on it, I loved his set and if this tune is any indication of what the rest of Pale White Dove is about, then I can’t wait to hear the rest. Here’s some info from the PR machine.

Doug Burr does believe in reclamation, redemption, restoration. It all accords with his credo as a Christian, a reality he has no interest in either obscuring or marketing. In that sense, he is cut from the same black cloth as Johnny Cash. And like Cash, he eschews stylistic borders. Burr moves freely between country, folk and pop. A lazier writer might call him “Americana” and, unwittingly, be more on point. Burr is an American musician, thinker, composer and lyricist, shaking hands with both the spirits of Appalachia and the ghosts of the Mississippi Delta.

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