Sarah Bethe Nelson – Fast Moving Clouds [album review]

by Woody on March 10, 2015


Sarah Bethe Nelson’s Fast Moving Clouds emerged on to the scene a month or so ago with one of the most poignant break-up tunes you’ll hear this year with Paying. Comparisons to Red House Painters and Mazzy Star seemed apt. A more recent act that I was reminded of was Widowspeak only with hints of a garage sound to it; a sound her label, Burger Records has become synonymous with.

Nelson, a bartender in San Francisco’s Mission District teamed up with Kelley Stoltz to make the record. They called in a number of local musicians from the area including Gary Godard (aka Old Gary) on the drums and Dylan Edrich on the bass. Once I moved past the brilliance of Paying and start digging into the album; I became enamored with the rhythm section; the bass line on Impossible Love is so tasty.

The tunes on Fast Moving Clouds have a nice variety to them. Black Telephone kicks off a little East Asian vibe in what is an otherwise straight forward tune. Snake Shake has a meditative feel to it which at first annoyed me. But the more time I spent with it, I became enamored with the layered vocals. Every Other Sun towards the end of the album furthers my supports that each band should crank out one six-minute tune per album. Its a slow moving atmospheric tune that kicks off this old 60s vive before building slowly into a nice little psychedelic jam.

Fast Moving Clouds is an album made by pros. Its a creeper that needs a few listens to really get the most out of it. Sarah Bethe Nelson will be down at SXSW. I am fixing to catch her on Saturday at Liberty Tavern. Here’s where she’ll be.

Thursday – Pearl St. Co-op (1:30)
Saturday – Liberty Tavern (6:00)
Saturday – Hotel Vegas (11:45)

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Sarah Bethe Nelson is here

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Lauren March 11, 2015 at 4:26 pm

I am loving her music and her voice! Thanks for sharing your review on Sarah Bethe Nelson’s album.

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